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İzmir estetik diş

Esthetic Dentistry

Our teeth must be in line with our face and functional. Apart from serving biting, snapping and chewing functions, aesthetic teeth planning also includes getting your tooth tone and shape in line with your face shape, skin, eye and hair colors.

Which kind of teeth are considered as aesthetic?

Our teeth must be in line with our smile and they also must function good. Biting, snapping and chewing functions are the main purpose of our teeth but in order for teeth to be considered aesthetic, our teeth must be compatible with our face shape, skin color, eye color and hair color.

For example if the patient has a tight jaw formation, big teeth will look unaesthetic and if the patient has dark skin color very white teeth will look unaesthetic. But of course, patients perception of what is aesthetic is taken into account as well and dentists must respect patients wishes if their wishes are not the same as generally accepted aesthetic perception.

When is Aesthetic Teeth Applications a necessity?

Patients sometimes feel bad about the color of their teeth and may want to have a permanent solution for it, that may lead them to look for aesthetic solutions, this may be solved with a simple teeth whitening.

One of the other reasons is patients losing their teeth for one reason or another ranging from simple traumas to loss of teeth due to various reasons. When it is because of these reasons, patients’ gum are often damaged as well and require periodontal treatment for the best aesthetic look.

Gum recession due to bad hygiene is one of the most common reasons for unhealthy teeth or loss of teeth, this scenario also requires periodontal treatment and crowns for a new aesthetic look.

What are Aesthetic Dental Practices?

Orthodontic Treatments

It is the branch of dentistry that changes the arrangement of the teeth and stabilizing them. It is done with the help of braces that applies pressure to the teeth with the help of metal or porcelain brackets.

Porcelain or Zirconium Crown and Bridges

These applications require the dentist to prepare your teeth by cutting it with a dental tool then placing a porcelain or zirconium material over it that is shaped like a crown. Zirconium is one of the most biocompatible material with the teeth and is most used in our clinics dental practices. If there is a gap in the mouth it must be closed one way or another since the gap will create more problems in time.

Porcelain Fillings

A filling application is the most common practice in dentistry. With a good filling application you can maintain your teeth health for a long term. But a filling may be done with a porcelain material that will also be very aesthetic looking. When doing this application your dentist will take into account your fillings’ color and shape compatibility with the nearby teeth.

Gum Reshaping

The shape, border and color of your gum must be evaluated with an aesthetic perspective. The Gums must not envelop the teeth alot or too less, in order for it to look aesthetic it must envelop only the root of the teeth, no more or less. This reshaping can be done with conventional surgeries or with a laser device.

Your gum color must also be pinkish in color and must not bleed when you brush your teeth, also if your oral hygiene is not good you may experience bad breath. If these are the case with your teeth a periodontologist will do deep cleaning to your teeth first and try to fix the situation by maintaining oral hygiene.

Laminate Veneer Application

Laminate veneers are better suited for younger people and people who has small shape problems with their teeth. When doing crowns, the dentist will have to cut most of your teeth to apply the crown, but with laminate applications the dentist only has to cut a very small part of your teeth from the front so you will have more of your natural teeth left after the procedure which is healthier.

Smile Design

Smile Design is done by softwares used by dentists, these softwares allow the dentist to create a perfect aesthetic smile by adjusting everything with very small margins lower than milimeters. Your teeth alignment, gum levels, your face shape, your natural smile, jaw shape, age, sex, shape of your lips etc. must be taken into account.

Teeth Whitening

This procedure is suitable for people who doesn’t have teeth deformities and only want a whiter smile. It is done by applying a special gel to the teeth and using a special laser which activates the gel and makes the teeth whiter.

This process whitens your teeth several tones and remains that color for approximately 1 year. Red meat, wine, coffee and tobacco shortens this time and makes the teeth get back to its older color tone. If oral hygiene is maintained well and the patient doesn’t consume these products alot, the whiter color can remain for much longer than 1 year.