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Dental Prosthesis Applications

Prosthetic teeth are teeth that are made from artificial materials to replace missing teeth in the patients’ mouth.


Dentures are prosthethic teeth that replace patients’ original teeth and are made from artificial materials. Denture applications preserve the aesthetic look of the patient and also the chewing and talking functions.

Dentures are done when gum treatment is not possible for conserving tooth or it is too late for treatment or if there is tooth or bone loss on the patient’s mouth. When patients don’t care enough for their tooth they eventually lose their tooth and it leads to problems in daily life. Tooth are very important for talking and chewing purposes and should be replaced. Loss of tooth also makes patients self conscious about their aesthetics and affect their self esteem.

Usage and Types of Dentures

Dentures can be used in many situations according to the wishes of the patient. The types of dentures are; fixed dentures, removable dentures, total dentures, partial dentures, dentures with precision attachments and implant supported dentures.

Fixed dentures: These dentures are fixed and can’t be removed. Fixed dentures are dentures that are permanently cemented to tooth like crowns and crown bridges. These can only be removed and worked upon by a dentist.

Removable dentures: These dentures can be removed when wanted. It is commonly used when all the tooth inside the mouth are lost. It is very common amongst the elderly. Removable dentures are crafted for each jaw seperately.

Total dentures: These dentures are similar to removable dentures but are less comfortable. Because of the technological development in dentistry these dentures are not the only option for people who lost all their teeth.

Partial dentures: These dentures replace the missing parts in the mouth nearby other natural tooth. Partial dentures are attached to the mouth with parts like hooks etc.

Dentures with precision attachment: These are similar to partial dentures but are more comfortable and aesthetic than them. These dentures attach themselves to natural tooth that are inside the mouth.

Implant supported dentures: These dentures are seperated into two types which are fixed and removable. Fixed ones are the crowns and bridges that get their support from the implants. Removable ones are the presicion or bar attachment dentures which get their support from the implants.